Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The PERFECT Edge Punch

{image found here}

So as usual, I came out of the Michael's craft store with something different than I intended to get. I actually went to buy PVA glue for book binding, but can you believe it they didn't have any! Well, MAYBE they did, but no glue actually said what it was made out of so who knows.

Instead I found this edge cutter from Martha Stewart. Now, I'm not a fan of her personally and don't really like supporting her, but she does have some great products. Especially this one. It's the Doily Lace edge cutter and it will be perfect for making hanging tags for my merchandise, or for something else, but it matched oh-too-well with the whole "eyelet" part of my name that I couldn't resist it. I even thought that maybe I could edge my (future) business cards with it, how fun would that be?


  1. "how fun would that be?" you asked.


    if i ever received a business card from someone who took the time, effort, and thought to line an edge of their card with this i'd probably freak.

    i purchased one to edge some memory/flash cards for my niece and they turned out adorable. these really are genius products.

  2. What a clever little tool! You will have to show us what you end up doing with it.

  3. That happens when I go to Michael's too... or any craft/fabric store for that matter. I never come out with what I went in for, haha.

    I think edging your biz cards with it would be darling!

  4. I love this! Love all the Martha Stewart line at Michael's, so easy to get lost in that section alone.

  5. Same thing happens to me! This is great I used it on my wedding invites! Its wonderful.