Thursday, September 3, 2009

Artist Interview: La Vie de Beaute

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing La Vie de Beaute, a relatively new jewelry shop on Etsy. I asked her some get-to-know-you questions so we can see the person behind the craft. First off, her favorite color is purple. She states "the funny thing is that I don't have many purple items, and if you view my shop, you won't find many purples either :)." Her favorite weekend activity is to walk on the beach in the early morning when the weather is nice with her "ipod in one hand and [her] sandals in the other, listening to music as the gentle waves touch [her] feet." Her favorite breakfast is a soy latte from Starbucks with a blueberry scone, but it wouldn't be what she eats everyday. And last but not least, her dream vacation is to walk the streets of Paris (that sounds pretty good to me to!).

Now to the questions about her art:

What started you in your art/craft?
I started making jewelry because I wanted to wear unique jewelry pieces I could call my own creations.

What are your favorite materials/tools?
My favorite materials are sterling silver, and all sorts of semi precious beads, wood beads, glass beads and natural beads.

Who's your biggest inspiration?
My mom was my inspiration, she use to make her own maternity blouses, and the most beautiful crochet table clothes. I knew I had the creative gene, and that I would eventually find a craft I would enjoy and love. After my first beading class, I was in love!

How long have you being producing your work?
It was after my first beading class, 4 years ago, I started taking more classes and then I went solo. At first it was only for me to wear, soon people started asking, "Where did you get the beautiful necklace?" I would respond, "I made it myself" These people started buying earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, to give away as gifts. I found out about Etsy on T.V. with Tori Johnson in an interview with Diane Sawyer Of Good Morning America. I did my research regarding opening my shop, and soon started designing my banner, avatar, etc. I opened my shop on May 25, 2009. I've sold only 1 necklace so far, but expect to have more sales as soon as more people find out about my shop!

Where do you hope your art will take you in the next year?
I would love to be featured on the Etsy Homepage. I hope to have more sales on Etsy, as all my buyers are people from church and in the neighborhood. Recently I participated in an art fair in downtown Chicago and received a couple of invitations to participate in other art fairs, and events, which I look forward to attend to get more exposure and one day be able to focus on my art full time.

Is there anything you want people to get/take away from your work?
I want them to feel beautiful when they wear my piece of work and know that they are unique as the piece they are wearing.

What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?
Patience is a virtue. You must plant the seed, and wait for the growth. Just don't forget to water it :) Tell someone that will tell some one. If you are new on Etsy, participate in forums. Let fellow Etsian's know who you are, and what you do. You'd be surprise how many nice people you can meet.

Other crafts I enjoy:
I like to sew, re-design t-shirts, making origami boxes, digital scrap booking, drawing, painting and photography.

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