Monday, August 17, 2009

More Thoughts of fall, and even winter?

Things have a been a bit slow around here...a "lazy," crazy summer that has been fun, stressful, and a bit unproductive in terms of my shop. But thankfully, after weeks of no inspiration...I was inspired! And created four new designs yesterday, including my start of the holiday line :)

But just to give you a little look at some of the cards that will hopefully start hitting the shelves within the next two weeks here's one:

I'll start giving new little tidbits of my holiday line(s) later into October, but I'm sure no one wants to see Christmas cards yet (I know I sure don't!)

And for a little more studio news: I sent out a request for those interested in being featured on my blog, and I had an amazing response! It was much more of a response than I had before and now my calendar is filled through the end of April 2010! So be excited for all of the artist interviews for a variety of shops! And, one shop is doing a giveaway on my blog starting within the first week or so of December, so get prepared for some seasonal goodness there :)

I hope all has been going well in the blogging world!