Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is a rose by any other name?

And what would Eyelet Sage be without its name?

Since I'm on vacation and not quite as up-to-date with my web browsing and finds, I thought I'd stick to some topics that required a little less research and give you all a little more insight into my little shop.

Where did my name come from? Well, it's not as complicated as some people think. "Eyelet" comes from my favorite type of lace. I love eyelet trimmed details - especially sheets. I love how the eyelet lace adds just a little more fun and flavor and pretty detail to sheets that makes them more fun to climb into. My work is similar. Usually it's all simple, but it's a simple little detail that adds just enough touch to make it special and fun and delightful. Or, at least, it's what I strive for.

"Sage" simply comes from my favorite color, sage green. It's been a favorite of mine for years, so it seemed fitting to put it in the name of my shop that so greatly relies on color. The most fun part of my name is just seeing how people react to it. Some have loved it, others have hated it. I've had a few say they were confused by my name and thought I would sell I glasses cases and not cards (really?). Others can't figure out what my name is when it's all squished together on etsy as "eyeletsagestudio." It's a bit confusing, but I've seen some fun interpretations of it.

If you don't know etsy well, or don't spend a lot of time in the forums, one main thing other etsians do is create nicknames for shops so it's easier to refer back to them. For me some people got it right with "eyeletsage," some call me "eyelets" (I guess they think it's Eyelets Age?). Some opt for the even shorter "eye." I never stopped to think of what an abbreviation of my name would be, but it's fun to see others trying to figure it out.

Maybe you were looking for some larger insight, but the name is plain and simple. My favorite decorative element and my favorite color. It was a bit of a last minute decision too. Before I thought of starting and Etsy shop, I was playing around with names, and for awhile wanted to us "beatus designs" (Beautiful in latin), but it seemed to presumptuous. When I started figuring out Etsy names I originally was thinking of "First Edition Studios" (because I love to collect antique, first edition books) but it didn't seem quite whimsical enough. I'm very pleased with my name, and how it's turned out. And I'm glad I didn't spend too much thinking about it because I probably would have come up with a name I liked less.

And a random little tidbit: the items in my shop do not actually encompass my own personal style. I'm a bit more of a rough, elegant polished look (think of shabby chic and elegant wedding invitations). When someone asked me why I don't create work that resembles my style I had to stop and tell them that I just can't. And it's true. I try to create within my style, and I think why I don't is because Eyelet Sage wouldn't be unique because I would be replicating other designs I see.

Who knows, maybe I'll introduce a couple of lines of more elegant stationery, but right now Eyelet Sage is sticking to the little fun details and colors :)

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  1. I enjoyed hearing how your shop got its name. I had already kinda figured out the eyelet, not the sage. Somehow I think of cooking when I hear sage. Maybe thats just me.