Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Blog Browsing

Some days I like to scour my favorite blogs (just take a look at my inspiration list) to see what pretty things they've found. They seem to be much more talented than I am when it comes to finding unique and beautiful products and images. (Though I imagine that some of the more popular blogs add products that have been sent to them to feature). Unfortunately, I was looking for stationery, and only one blog really had any featured!

Anyways, I found this beautiful card from Bow + Arrow on {Oh So} Beautiful Paper. If you haven't checked out her blog before now, you really should - she always has the most fun things to look at! :)

(bow + arrow)

*image property of Bow + Arrow


  1. Love her blog! See has endless amounts of inspiration. I always head there when I am working on a new paper project.

  2. But it just shows you that no idea is really original (sounds cynical but it's true!!).