Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oooh I just LOVE Supplies

Yesterday, I went to Michael's to find some supplies for new items for my shop. I always LOVE going there. I could buy up half of that store, if I had the money too - especially in the paper craft aisles. That was one of the main reasons I wasn't able to blog yesterday. Well, that and I attacked my work space to make it more was only about 60% successful. I have some serious reconfiguring to do, but don't really want to take all the time to sit and figure it out - I just want it to be done!

Anyways, back to the fun stuff: supplies! I got most of the supplies to make coordinating magnets for my store - I have yet to figure out how to package them, but I'm really excited to be doing them - it'll be a fun way to group cards and goodies together :). Unfortunately, I don't quite have ALL the supplies yet because Michael's didn't have the major component of the magnets - the correct sized glass gems. Since they didn't have them, I also didn't purchase some other supplies, just in case I couldn't find the size I wanted. Thankfully, I found some at JoAnns today, so now all I have to do is head back to Michael's (I have TWO 50% off coupons!) and finish getting the supplies. then I'm going to have fun this weekend testing out the best techniques and hopefully getting them up in my shop by next week!

I'll be posting pictures of my project once I'm actually able to get it started. Soon though! I'm excited :)

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