Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh Boy my first REAL Treasury!

Guys, I'm SO EXCITED! I just found out that I'm in a treasury! This my first time in a non-West Treasury, and I'm beside myself because I didn't even ask to be considered, they just picked it! :)
Please come check it out and give it some views and comments - let's try to get this one to the first page! (Haha..I can dream, right?)

My Citrus Thank You Cards are the ones in the bottom middle! You can find it in my shop right now, as part of my summer line!


  1. Alright!!! That is amazing! That is just the best new I have heard all day. I need details. What did they say? Which item? When?

  2. Aw, thanks! :) They didn't say much, other than I was part of the treasury - my Citrus Thank You cards and Today! :)