Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Studio by eyeletsagestudio

So apparently work spaces have been on more than just my mind recently! The Etsy Bloggers team posted the question of where people work if they don't have their own studio. (Apparently I'm slow to grasp the concept that I'm supposed to do this every two weeks...) They also suggested posting pictures, but because of the state of it and the fact that it's my bedroom, I figured it'd be inappropriate.

So where do I work? Most simply. My bedroom, plus one or two other locations around the house when I'm tired of my room or need more space to work. I'm working on figuring out how to organize it right now - to make it have a more "studio" feel - so that while I'm sitting at my desk I know I'm working. It's been a little difficult since by doing this I have to remove a lot of things from my room (which is MUCH easier said than done). I have two bins under my bed that I think are meant for wrapping paper, but I'm using one to store my fine art supplies and the other one (cleaned out a couple of days ago) is now holding the majority of my supplies for the Etsy shop.

I'm an avid collector of antique books (and books of all kinds) so right now the back of my desk is also functioning as a bookshelf, since the book shelf I have is already chock full of books. I'm hoping to get another shelf soon to add those ones to. My ideal goal is to have the top of my desk clear save for my computer, a jar of my essential tools (pencil, sharpie, x-acto knife, etc) and maybe a sketchbook. But I want it to be sparse so I have room to actually work on it.

Sometimes I also take over the floor in the family room and put up a card table to do my more craft-intensive work (like journals) since there are a variety of steps and materials needed (therefore I need a little bit more room to function).

But, it's pretty simple overall. Someday I hope to move out into my own place and have a completely separate room that I can devote to this work - I think I'll feel like it's a little more like work when I take my work space seriously. We'll see how it all goes!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have been doing a lot more work at my coffee table and on the floor. I am looking at some 2 bedroom places now just so I can have a separate place to work in and feel creative!

    I love your new cards by the way!