Monday, May 25, 2009

Interesting Idea for a Thread

I keep seeing this thread in Etsy promotional forums. It a sort of buy in promotional idea. You buy a product from one of the stores that's on the list, and you in turn get your store listed. It's hosted by ChristieCottage. The instructions state:
***Please DO NOT post your own √s or ♥s or names to the list... ask one of the list managers to add it: christiecottage, DeborahSpencer, Countrybythebumpkins, and teaman. This way we can keep up with the list properly. A lot of the list are being copied and pasted wrong and hearts are missing...***

1. No minimum purchase required.
2. Buy from anyone on the list.
3. Post your transaction here after purchase and add your name to the bottom of the list
4. You must help promote this thread. The more you promote, the more sales you'll get! Stay active on the list by promoting this thread ♥♥multiple times♥♥ each day. Otherwise, we will have to remove your shop. The shops with ♥♥ are promoting the thread.
5.**PLEASE keep a current list on each page for the shoppers people get angry if there heart is missing**
6. Look at the last page for current list/treasuries & shops.

It's an interesting concept, and it seems to be working for the people who are there because it also states that there have been 1491 sales to date as of today. Now, I'm not participating because of tight finances, and I wouldn't buy just for the sake of buying. It seems like this would be a good idea if there was something you wanted to buy. If you find it, why not buy from the list and then likewise be promoted? What do you think? Do you agree with posts like this? What can improve these threads? And, if you participate in threads like this, what do you see as the benefits?


  1. Well, since it's my thread, I think it's great! LOL We promote the thread at least 16 hours per day. That's a lot of promotion. We also are familiar with what each of the other shops carry and if we see a post where someone is looking for a specific item, we can promote that shop. If we were not on that list we wouldn't be familiar with the other shops inventory.

    Look at your item you bought to "buy on" the list. It's an item you liked and it's earned you advertising.


  2. I stumbled upon the thread literally minutes after I bought a bracelet from one of the shops on the list. So I asked to be added.

    I've really enjoyed getting to know the people on the list and we really do help each other out. Just the other day I saw someone looking for an owl pouch and I suggested a shop on our list that had one. So it's been great!

  3. i love it! i found it as a newbie and they have all helped me so much! it's a fantastic group that really cares about each other and their crafts. as christie mentioned, we promote each other as well as ourselves, so aside from being extremely helpful and fun, it's beneficial in terms of promoting too. it's a great combo!

  4. I think it's a great idea! These forums encourage me to not only promote my items, but purchase from others as well! :) We've also become a pretty close community and it's great feeling as though we're noticed on such a large site such as Etsy. I support all BnR/BnS threads! It's been a great experience so far!

  5. I bought from a BNR treasury and was asked to join this thread because of that purchase. It has been very helpful to me as I was so new to etsy and did not know anything. Everyone has been more than willing to help with any question that I have and are very supportive of each other. I have also made many friends here. We are all a great bunch. It has been very beneficial to me as a learning process and I have also made sales that I would not have made had I not been in this thread.