Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Tea Party and a Petit Four

This morning I went to a tea party. A sort of mother daughter time for everyone. Whenever I go to teas I'm always amazed at the detail put into these events that normal meals - even fancy meals - don't get. Little petit fours with their frosted pastel tops to mini tea sandwiches and tarts. And each table had a center piece of flowers (that we even got to take home - yay! I love fresh cut flowers!) Sometimes I wonder why the little details of design can't go into our everyday lives - or at least come into our lives more often. I know the details take more time, but isn't it that much more enjoyable when your life has fun little details to make you smile :)?

{Photo credits (clockwise from top): onion flower, sunset lit lilac, hens and chickens, it was a beautiful morning, fab five, a whole world[...], petit fours, chocolate dipped strawberries, pale pink, saffron petit fours }

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