Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh Etsy, You're Taking Over my Life

Has that happened to you yet? (If you're selling on Etsy, that is). About five days ago I suddenly realized what I needed to do to keep people coming into my shop. Unfortunately, that something meant spending the majority of my time suddenly snooping around in forums, upping my web presence (finding ways to be featured, joining Twitter and various blog catalogs). Which is all a bit fun, but can be quite tiring too, especially when all of that work the views are still dwindling down from their weekend spike.

And THEN, I discovered through forums that my pictures aren't perfect (though tolerable) and I need to triple the amount of items in my store in order for people to be interested enough to buy. Some even said they question shops that have less than two pages of items. WHAT?! Seriously, I understand those points perfectly I know my pictures are slightly subpar (I do what I can when all I have are cloudy, rainy days and a point and shoot digital camera...) But the item amount is what worries me - for the sake that it takes some good amount of money to get all of that stuff in there in the first place (especially when printers are charging well over 60 cents just for one piece of paper - that's not even counting the printing!).

I'm hoping to add some coptic stitch bound journals within the next couple of weeks, which will at least add to my selection. I have calendars that I make too - but it's the middle of the year, who's going to want a calendar now? Oh well, slowly but surely I'll add some items it just may take some time.

I've added a couple of designs above that aren't in my shop.

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  1. I know how you feel I have spent a lot of money so far on supplies then i ever imagined, but am confident it will pay off... :)
    Good Luck, and I hope to shop from your shop soon..Looking forward to the feature :)