Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beige and Pink

1) I just LOVE these little birds from Primitives for Sale on Etsy. At 29.99 I think they're very reasonably priced and ultra-cute! They'd be great for decoration, or even as a wedding cake topper (just make sure you put them on top of something so they don't get icing all over them!) This is definitely my ultimate favorite find of today. I put them on my favorites - someday I may get some - they're just too cute!

2) I also adore this hat and scarf set from Niki Fashion on Etsy. The extra little embellishment of the flowers gives it that little touch that puts it over the top of other hats and scarves.

3) These earrings, are simple but fun. They're from Carolina's Creations on Etsy. The copper is perfect for the stones. It makes it look a bit antique :).

*all images are from the Etsy shop of those listed above*

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